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About Me

I’m Ron and I’ve been brewing since my 21st birthday with a present of an ‘ale pale’ from my wife and a ‘extract’ recipe.  19 years later, with the addition of a BS in Biology, a BA in Chemistry and an ‘almost an MS’ in Polymer Chemistry (I’ll tell you about it over some beers!), I have developed some great recipes with a focus on process and efficiency.

I have worked several years in R&D for a global specialty chemical company where I specialized in organic synthesis of thiocarbonates, carbamates, xanthates and the synthesis of narrow molecular weight distributed polymers.  My final project was un-mothballing a high temperature, high pressure polymerization reactor.  Ironically,  this is how I am brewing beer now.  You will find nearly 20 years of biology and chemistry knowledge and application infused in my beers, not to mention the artistry of flavors that goes with it.

Meet Our Crew

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What makes R. Shea’s beer different?

Currently all beers are produced via pressurized fermentation, thus eliminating the additional step of carbonation that many breweries do.   I’m big on sanitation and cleanliness.   I produce a full spectrum of beers from a tasty lawn-mowing beer, to beers that have plenty of malty character, along with a full range of hoppy beers too.

My personal brewing style and taste is a maltier beer – but not sweet…just enough maltiness to give it more flavor and character.

I want you to come to my brewery and have plenty of choice for whatever day at work you’ve had.

Ron, what other beers do you drink?

Not that the taste of my own beers ever get’s old, but I do drink other beers – more for inspiration on a certain style.  Can I make it better?  Can I build upon it?

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What do you do in your spare time?

I like to stay fit.  I strength train, run.  I love swimming but starting a brewery put a hold on that.  I do triathlons every now and again.  I would like to do the Munroe Falls Triathlon this year.

My beer links

Yeast Calculator – for propagating yeast

Brulosophy – a homebrew-level beer scientist doing lot’s of cool experiments

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