Keg Sizes

Ordering and Pickup:

Ordering is ONLY via this page, we do not accept orders at the taprooms.

*Currently we DO NOT have any IMMEDIATE PICKUP kegs available.  All beer orders needs placed in advance.

All orders placed Monday-Thursday will be available for pickup Friday after 3pm at the location you have selected.


BEER   1/6 Barrel



BEER   1/6 Barrel   1/2 Barrel
Akröner Premium Vienna Lager   $80        $180     
Atomic Monks   $95        $195     
Blackboard Schwarz   $80        $180     
Carbon Black   $115        $215     
Chocolate Coffee Stout   $95        $195     
Double Whirlpool Party (w/ Huell Melon & MI Copper)   $125        $225     
Downtown Nut Brown Ale   $80        $180     
Hail Mary   $60        $130     
Hype Cycle (Our Flagship IPA)   $135        $240     
Pumpkin Ale   $60        $120     
Rubber City Red   $80        $180     
Terminally Relaxed   $80        $180     
Towpath'n Pale Ale   $80        $180     
Uncommon Blonde   $80        $180     
West Coast Citra IPA   $95        $195     
Winter Solstice   $95        $195     
Winter Warmer   $105        $205     


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Renting and buying FAQ:

How much do I need?

1/2 bbl kegs will yield about 150 - 12oz pours
1/6 bbl kegs will yield about  50 - 12oz pours

For a gathering or special event:  

Place your order, indicate if you need a Party-Pump to dispense the liquid.  You will be charged a refundable $80 deposit for both the keg and the party-pump.  Upon return, you will get that deposit refunded.

For your personal use: 

If you have your own keg, you can avoid the deposit by bringing it to us at Canal Place where we will clean it and fill it with what you purchased and you will just be charged for the beer. If you don't have your own keg, pay for the refundable deposit and we will fill our keg for you.  Once you are done, you can EITHER return it and receive your deposit OR purchase another keg.  That previous deposit will transfer to the next order and you will only have to pay for the beer.

If you are bringing in your own personal keg to be cleaned and filled, drop it off at Canal Place the week before you want to pick it up. (Wednesday-Sunday for next Friday pickup) 

Sanke connection

Keg FAQs

If this is for a party, how do I keep it cold?

You can put the keg in a bucket or any container, fill it with ice and add cold water.

How long is the beer good for?

If you are using a party-pump, this will only be good for a few days as oxygen gets pumped-in to dispense which is not good for the beer after a few days, depending on style.  If you are using a kegerator, then you will be using CO2 and the beer will be good for several months depending on style

Will this work with my kegerator?

If your draft system accepts a Sanke connection (see picture), then it will work.  Your local homebrew shop can get you the correct fitting.

When do I receive the deposit refund?

Refunds will process 1-7 days after you return your keg and will come via Paypal.


Hosting an event?

We have the perfect party room waiting!

Contact and ask about our party space and catering menu... perfect for parties of 40-70 people. And you can’t get any closer to great beer and food!

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