Building a Brewery

Building R.Shea Brewing: Week 1, Aug 4-10, 2014

Aug 10, 2014

This has been the first week since the lease went through and a few more things fell into place to then allow me to get to work - so we will call this 'the start' of building R.Shea Brewing.  This past week wasn't exciting - unless you call 'paperwork' exciting.  It was more frustrating then anything.  But I made some progress on a few fronts. We now have insurance put together by the folks at SeibertKeck - Thanks to Ryan for getting this setup and in place fast. This was a specific 'microbrewery' insurance package above just normal business insurance. I needed this insurance in place before we get the keys to get inside and work. This was a lot of paperwork to fill out that gets into the nitty-gritty of the operation and involved a good estimation on production, how you will deal with certain bar situations, etc.

I also started the Federal Brewer's license. This is truly a monstrous form. Starting up a business is one thing...starting up a business regulated by the Feds and State (alcohol, tobacco, firearms) is a whole other animal. They want to know everything about everything. I am making good progress though.

This week I am working on a Brewer's Bond to then be able to complete and submit the Federal form. I will be submitting the state license form at the same time. According to the Fed's website, processing is 83 days - which puts the 'technical' opening day, 12 weeks away, smack dab in the middle of November. BUT this isn't when I can serve...it's when I can start brewing to then serve. It's against the law to brew the beer you will serve BEFORE you have your license.  Since I am getting the State license for microbreweries - and not the additional one to serve other people's beers (much more money and not technically my vision), nothing will be on tap when I am opening - though we will be brewing like crazy.   *Note, these timelines assume the state license comes through right after the Federal license.

"BUT RON, WHEN WILL YOU HAVE YOUR BEER ON TAP?" The first beer should be ready about 10 days after we start brewing - late November at the earliest. We should then have another beer on tap five days later, etc. In about 1-1.5 months we will have about 10-12 beers on tap - for which we will then have a 'grand opening' early in the New Year. I will definitely be open when we have the first beer on tap, and it will be a celebration of celebrations, but more of a 'soft opening' for the first month to smooth out processes, food, etc.

That first beer is going to be a Christmas...and it will be a big batch...and it's going to be oh-so-good.

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