Building a Brewery

Building R.Shea Brewing: Week 32 & 33, Mar 8-21

Mar 26, 2014

Two weeks have gone by.  You would think that a lot has gotten done.  Maybe the doors are open!   Well...not quite.  I usually don't make excuses.  I'm going to make excuses (legitimate!) this time...

It's been six months wearing my big 'ole work boots.  Now, before this I didn't usually wear work boots - just sandals.  I am now wearing them at least half the day.  When the weather recently broke, I went on a run at Sand Run...it felt fine.  I then went to work at the brewery.  Up and down.  Repeat.  Tendinitis developed.  I couldn't lift my foot.  I hobbled and tried to work for several days after but it didn't get better.  I finally had to put a multi-day moratorium on any work to heal.  I'm back-in-action now, but not before the kids (I'm deferring blame to them on this one) brought home a nasty feverish-gastrointestinal bug.  I got up one morning and got the kids to school, went down to open the brewery up to work on some brewing equipment and to let the architects in on some miscellaneous stuff...and I had to go home...I felt terrible.  I slept the whole day.

Between these two things, I was down nearly a week.  I finally got back to work.  Enough excuses.

Bar rail installation


These corners took some precision cutting to get them to match. My dad was a big help in this.


Filler and sanding to make it seamless.


Finally, after many stain tests and polling of various people, we were able to finally get the stain on.


My wife on the stain application. We ended up doing a double coat.


State license is OFFICIAL!

I can now  brew beer to sell.  I will waste no time in doing this!


New beer submission to the State of Ohio

Since the license came through, I could now submit my beers to the state.  I have 14 initially - in the mail!


First batch of keg cleaning

In anticipation of the first batch of beer, I turned the boil kettle into a keg cleaner - it worked great.


Next week

  • Varnish the bartop
  • Finish miscellaneous brewery plumbing for the first batch of beer


Thanks to my Dad for the help on the bar rail and my wife on the staining.  The bar will truly represent many people's hard work.

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