Building a Brewery

Building R.Shea Brewing: Week 31, Mar 1-7

Mar 16, 2015

Draft beer system is DONE!

Alex from BierPros and I finished installing the draft system and it is pouring a few test beers.  Honestly the beer flavor is so-so at the moment as these kegs were in the cooler for the past few months with the 'party pumper' taps on them - hence a lot of oxygen got in and the CO2 levels got unbalanced.  Regardless, I am taking temperatures of the beer that comes out from initial sample size after not using since the prior day, to a few pints into the line.  I have been doing this daily to dial the temperatures down in the cooler and the draft line some to get a nice 45 degree pour WITHOUT excessive foam.

The Perlick taps with flow control seem to be a nice addition in dialing back the flowrate for growler fills to reduce foaming - and even further slowing down the beer into smaller glassware.

I was dismayed that upon turning on my new Micromatic line chiller, that it is a little noisier than expected.  I'm going to try to soundproof it or end up moving it.


Alex sitting down on the job – hooking up keg line couplers.

20150305_195650 (1)

Finishing some CO2 line hookups.

20150305_212030 (1)

Putting on the Perlick taps.


Letting the beer flow and tweaking the system.

20150305_211341 (1)

Prost! Thanks a lot Alex!

Bar rail delivery

The bar rail got delivered from Hardwoods Incorporated.  These were some LOOOONG sections.  With over 40 feet of bar rail, they did a great job on packing them.    


This is going to be fun!

Keg delivery

The kegs came in from PBSTBeer.



I did some painting in several areas including the entrance and some smaller walls.


Test batch brewing

Jesse, my wife and I ran another small test batch to get into the draft lines.  This beer will not be for sale but to test the draft system.  We made the Carmel Espresso Stout with some recipe modifications, and also the Simcoe Pale Ale.


Next week

  • Will my Ohio license come in?
  • Finalize some of the brewery plumbing
  • Submit labels to the state
  • Continue working on the odds-and-ends


Thanks to Jesse and my Dad.  My wife also continued to work on food development.

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