Building a Brewery

Building R.Shea Brewing: Week 26, Jan 26-31, 2015

Feb 10, 2015

More bar work

After we got the bar skeleton up, I tried to ignore finishing it.  You see, I couldn't figure out how I wanted it to look.  What should it look like?  After endlessly looking at Google Images on 'bar designs', I was more confused on how to finish it then ever.  I just didn't know how to pull it together.

Enter Aaron from Highland Square Restoration.  He contacted me from the Facebook page - plus our kids go to the same school.  He does remodeling work and wants to specialized more on the art side of things with wood and metalworking - plus he can make a mean pumpkin carving with a chainsaw.  The bar is right up his alley.  We discussed the theme of the place and he came up with a good plan for the bar.


Loading up the 16 gauge steel from SISCO – Service Iron and Steel in Akron off of Kenmore Blvd. http://www.siscosteel.com/


Unloading the steel at the brewery.


Now we have to figure out the polished/textured look to apply to the steel.

Bathroom finishing

The bathroom needed finished, I wanted to ceramic tile the men's bathroom walls and put beadboard wainscoting in the women's room.  Remember, I laid the floor previously using the recycled terra cotta tiles we removed from another area.

20150127_131006 (1)

Time to get materials!


It’s a full load.

The tile pattern

What tile pattern to do?  My wife told me that I should put them in a diamond pattern to contrast the floor's linearity.  I took it one, much more complicated, step further - a staggered diamond.  I don't know where I saw this but probably from one of the many newer bathrooms in the fancy rest-stops on the way to Florida - a trip that we do often.


That’s how you train someone to tile, start with one of the more complex patterns!


I felt like I endlessly mixed morter, over and over…


Devin starting some measurements on the women’s bathroom beadboard.


Trevor having fun with the liquid nails.

A lot of deliveries

This week I saw a lot of deliveries - though usually predicated with a phonecall, "Are you Ron?  I'm at the business with a delivery."  So much for my 30 minute warning phonecall...


Heavy-duty steel shelves came in from U-line. I have to say, http://www.uline.com/ was so easy to order from. The phone rang once, customer service picked right up and I placed an order within minutes.


Trevor building the grain shelf.


It works! This thing can hold 700 pounds of grain per shelf…not that they would ever fit.


That’s crazy tall! What could it be?


It’s a bar sink! With 2 foot wide drainboards and an extra sink for brew days.

Next week

  • Finish bathrooms (grout, paint, etc)
  • Order more black marble to finish bar floor.
  • Keep finishing bar


  • To my kids...they worked hard this week.  My dad put in some time too.


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