Building a Brewery

Building R.Shea Brewing: Week 18, Dec 1-7, 2014

Dec 11, 2014

As I write this, my body is sore from the night before's work.  We are getting there on the renovations.  Making progress...still one step forward, two steps back.

Bathroom Facelift

Back in the first month we took out about 100 pieces of red/clay ceramic tile from the main area.  I didn't plan on saving them but they mostly came up unbroken so I wanted to reuse them.  I know that I needed to do something with the bathroom floors.


Bath before…YUCK!


Yes, three layers of vinyl tile IS what we are dealing with.

Now, from when we removed ceramic tile from layers of vinyl tile months ago we found out that ceramic tile sticks exceptionally well to vinyl tile.  I 'was' going to just put this reclaimed ceramic tile on top of this vinyl - just to save time.  But I just couldn't.  If I'm going to do something, let's do them the right way.


Assistant Brewer Jesse tearing it up!


My son Devin’s calculation on bathroom square feet for tiles.


Me laying down tile in the Women’s/ADA bath. A lot easier than dealing with wood subfloors…I like a nice concrete pad!


Trevor and Devin grouting.




Now that this is done, I started scouting for used tile at my hardware store.  I will use this behind the brewery and possibly the bathroom walls.


A whole lot of glass tile!


Regarding Beer...

This week I also sampled the Pale Ale and the Amber that we made last week.  The pale ale was a modified recipe replacing Cascade with Simcoe and also using the hop rocket with Simcoe whole hops.


Sampling of the Amber and the Pale Ale made last week from the fermentor.


This year’s Christmas Ale.

No More Christmas

The Christmas Ale came and went so fast I barely had any myself!  This year's recipe really came together nicely and was different than other Christmas beers.  People loved it.  Too bad I can't make more but I'm transitioning to the brewery now.  I may make this again early January on the pilot system, but at the new brewery

Next Week

  • Receive on demand water heater.
  • Receive brewery plumbing (it was delayed a little)
  • Start work tiling the wall behind the brewery.


Much thanks to Jesse this week.  We brewed Sunday and I asked if he could come over a few days later to remove bathroom tile.  His work helped this job go super quick.

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