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Building R.Shea Brewing: Week 16, Nov 17-23, 2014

Nov 28, 2014

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Keg / Draft Walk-in Cooler are ONLINE!

Finally, after 16 weeks, we have one brewery system fully functional and online.  This may not be exciting to most of you, but it's one of the most important features to the taproom.  Cold beer is a must.

My sons and I put the final, finishing touches on the cooler.  We had to put linoleum squares on the floor, paint the walls and then put on cove-base.  My Dad and I also installed the air conditioner and the Cool-bot.

We left the A/C unit and Cool-Bot on for a day while we worked on other stuff.  I then charted the amount of time the A/C unit was on.  It equilibrated to 5 minutes on, 30 minutes off in economy mode.  I will definitely take that!  I still need to work on sealing up the door better as there is still some cold leakage.

So three weeks from start to finish, not bad, though we did have to drywall part of it which took about a week.  Usually these are hidden away in basements or other part of a building, that I don't have,  so one wouldn't have to 'make it look nice'.


Trevor applying the 100lb ‘roller’ load to the linoleum squares to stick tight to the adhesive.


Trevor painting the corners and ‘irregular’ surfaces. By-the-way, that color is ‘cooler grey’. 


Devin on the roller.


They make a good team.


Devin applying glue to the cove base. We are making this as waterproof as possible for spills or mopping.




A/C unit installed with the Cool-bot.


See that? 43 degrees +/- a few. Perfect. It’s frosty in here! I still have a few cosmetic things to do around the unit, but otherwise it’s good.


Liquid nails, caulk and vinyl tile adhesive all in one day. Them and I don’t mix and yet I refuse to use gloves.

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Next week

Next week I will be receiving an order of brewery plumbing to start roughing it in.


Thanks to my kids and my Dad.  They did a bunch of work this week to help get this finished.  Also, many thanks to the CoolBot.  Without this brilliant device, my cooler would have been much more expensive.

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