Building a Brewery

Building R.Shea Brewing: Week 13, Oct 27-Nov 2

Nov 7, 2014

The fermentors are here!

(scroll to bottom for the slideshow) This was a stressful week.  I have never moved fermentors or even used a forklift.  I wanted ZERO damage to the jackets.  I emailed Daniel from Pacific Brewery Systems a few more times to rehash forklifting these - either by the bottom or via a crane method.  I wanted to be prepared for anything not knowing if the full sized tracker trailer would have to park on the street or not. I told Nate from Mid Ohio Forklifts that I needed a forklift for this week, though I couldn't commit on a day as the delivery company was unsure until the truck got closer to Ohio.  I crossed my fingers that nobody needed that forklift for when I did - as I couldn't give them a solid delivery date - I was expecting Thursday or Friday.

The night before...

I received a call at 4:57pm on Tuesday.  The delivery will happen Wednesday morning. (Insert many expletives) The drivers made good time indeed... By the time I called the forklift company they were closed.  I needed an early morning delivery for Wednesday.  I left a message for Nate.  I also called four other companies: Valley Industrial Trucks, Fallsway Rental, Ohio Materials Handling and Leppo Rentals - all were closed but I left messages too to call me ASAP in the morning.  I then proceeded to drive down Akron Peninsula road - there are many industrial companies that could have forklifts, or at least a loading dock for a temporary unloading spot.  Everybody was closed by that time.  Rats.  That night I just had to trust that it will work out. I also had to message Ted, my buddy since Middle School, he works 3rd shift right down the street and has forklift experience...I needed him the next morning.

Delivery morning

Wednesday morning came around and to my surprise, at 7:30am I received phonecalls from three of the four other forklift rental companies - two of them would be able to scramble and get me something in the morning.  Nate from Mid Ohio Forklift got back to me a little after 8am and confirmed that the rental I wanted a week ago was still available.  I told him I needed it in an hour.  He said it should be doable.   10am at the latest. WHEW! My wife and I got the kids to school and I went to my dads to get chains, straps and tie-downs and then we headed to the brewery. Ted met us there a little after 8:30 and Tim from Mid Ohio Forklift showed up at 9am on-the-dot.

Hurry up to wait...

The forklift got delivered and we proceeded to wait until about 1:30pm until I received a call that the truck was five minutes away.

Many thanks!

  • Mid-Ohio Forklift came through in a pinch.  Many thanks to Nate for getting it to me.  Tim also delivered it quick.  Also thanks to the other mentioned companies for calling me back and being my backup - that is great customer service!
  • Ted.  Ted was the man today.  He got on that forklift and removed those fermentors from the truck like a pro.  Thanks Ted for postponing sleep and waiting around to help.
  • My Dad, the other Ron.  My dad was there all of the time helping too.  After Ted left my Dad helped remove fittings, the metal skids, etc and helped get them into the building.
  • My wife for hanging out, getting food for us, putting up with my stressed mental state for the last 24 hours.

Next week

Next week we build the walk in cooler.  

It's Time

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