Building a Brewery

Building R.Shea Brewing: Week 12, Oct 20-Oct 26

Oct 31, 2014

It's been three months since we signed the lease to seriously start R.Shea Brewing - we're about at the halfway mark, maybe even a little bit past it. This was a week of paperwork and lining a few things up for the next 'big push' to get some projects done.

Walk-in Cooler materials

Last week my Dad and I got the 2" thick insulation for the walls of the cooler.  This week we got the wood and rolled insulation.  Now we have everything needed to build this thing.


Cooler materials.

Ohio Brewing Application - DONE AND MAILED!!!

It is done.  Whew.  The last big push of paperwork.  I had many calls to the Ohio Department of Liquor Control for clarification on several items.  The last thing I want were delays due to my assumptions.  Once again, this state government agency, much like the feds, were very responsive in answering my questions.  I never was on hold.  I thank them!


Ohio Brewing Application done!

Though one thing about the Ohio Brewery application, I needed it notarized in a few locations.  I thought with my lease I was done with notaries for awhile.  Not to worry though, First Merit, my bank, has this free service for customers.  I headed up at the tail end of lunch and was in an out in less than 15 minutes.  The Ohio Brewer's application was NOW ready to get mailed.


Thanks Meghan!


Being that next week the fermentors will be in along with moving some other equipment in, I needed security installed so I contracted with ADT to wire the place up.  I got a few other quotes the weeks before but at the end of the day, they had the cheapest setup cost by half of the nearest competitor.


Rodney, my ADT representative, going over the security layout and package. Yes, he is setup on the mock bar – little did he know he was being experimented on!

Phone and Cable

With the security system, I needed phone and cable for internet.  I contracted with Time Warner - they have a few 'bar' packages.  I got setup with free customer WiFi too with a WiFi hotspot.  So you can come in, drink beers, and rate them on untappd using my data minutes!


Gary and Eugene, the Time Warner installers, were nice and quick. Thanks gentlemen!

Next week

  • Next week the fermentors will be in.
  • Start the walk-in cooler build.
  • Possibly move the rest of the equipment in (mash tun, hot water tank, boil kettle)
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