Dec 11, 2013 New Fermentors!

Dec 11, 2013

The new fermentors just came in.  These were from Brewershardware.com and I have been eagerly waiting for months as they were backorderd twice (no fault of there own).  There were about two minor dents, but they were in the back and I wasn't about to return them...I need experimental data now.

The acquisition of these fermentors are for doing pressurized fermentation experiments on the current beers.  The results will answer two questions.  ONE: Can I ferment faster with no off flavors?  TWO: Can I FULLY carbonate the beer at the same time?  This will determine the amount of fermentors needed when I go commercial.  A 7 to 10 day turnaround on ales is a LOT better then a 14-20 turnaround at normal pressure.  That essentially eliminates the purchase of one fermentor if you can do it in half the time for the same throughput.  I will also figure out how to filter carbonated beer.  PLUS I'm all about efficiency.  I see too many new brewers working theire @sses off because they started too quick, too cheap or both.  Usually this results in burnout or not being able to finally scale up as there is no time to as you limited yourself on a small scale.  I don't want to do this.  I plan to be the 'lazy brewer' - mind you, 'lazy' as I will be incredibly efficient.

These are the 30 gallon fermentors.  I originally  ordered the 20 gallons (as I brew 15 gallon batches) but I upsized it last minute as I will use these fermentors when I go commercial as I do plan to have a dozen beers on tap.  I plan to use the newly purchased Micromatic Line Chiller to chill these fermentors.  Though since the room we are in is unheated, I will have to stick an aquarium heater in the chiller and rig it up to heat-only during the fermentation.  I'm sure I will write more on that later.



I had to get these out of the box on the day they came in so I called my Dad to help move them.


Getting ready to install glycol lines. Barely have room to work! I need to start a brewery!


Installing the glycol manifold lines. These were made out of the white PVC 1/2″ diameter.


I used Flexible, thread reinforced polyethylene for the lines going from the trunk lines to the fermentors.




The whole pilot brewery.

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